MashriQ was established in October 2003 in The Hague. A group of students from The Hague University felt called to present a very special concept that still uphold today. Contagious, because two years later in September 2005, the association managed to establish itself at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. The starting signal was given and since then we enlarged our activities. 2008 was another great year with the arrival of MashriQ Amsterdam at the Vrije Universiteit.

The founders have committed themselves for years for various initiatives of which this one will be of great social importance. Today they are still active in many areas and in the overarching body. The need to professionalise grew and in September 2008 it was time to label this officially MashriQ Netherlands. Currently MashriQi’s can be found in our alumni network, or they are growing within the organization. The MashriQi from the first days can still be found here!


Five men and one lady* were needed to establish MashriQ. They were not satisfied with the former range of student associations. The student associations were too shallow or confined to a specific culture. The founders themselves are Muslims with different ethnic backgrounds, they wanted to establish an organization where they do feel at home and where they are able to meet others. MashriQ gives depth to everyone without compromising on the fun.

The first years are characterized with unique and innovative events. Think of the Eid Comedy Festival, interfaith trips and language courses. Within three years the association had no less than 300 members and was known as a platform where different cultures and religions meet.

Now, thirteen years later, MashriQ has undergone many changes. Currently, we are only active in The Hague at The Hague University but also at Leiden University in The Hague. Throughout the years MashriQ has remained innovative and unique without losing sight of her goals. This has made an association with strong foundations where enterprising and enthusiastic students like to work for.

From day one MashriQ is working on a pleasant and inspirational environment for its members, and will continue to do so.

* Anny Sheikh, Adeel Mahmood, Ashraf Ashrafi, Jilani Sayed, Umar Mirza en Faisal Mirza


The History of our Logo

Mashriq it means “East” in the Arabic language – where the sun rises in the west. The East characterizes the identity of our association and members. We are Dutch people who have inherited a beautiful background from distant countries or just simply have a passion for. We combine this fusion with the West in a unique way to a new identity. Namely, the student can go perfect with both western and eastern values.

visitekaart Voorkant oud

The logo has experienced a change in recent years. The illustration above shows that the forms were once more rounded and the corresponding font. A few years back were these forms world standards – just think of Times New Roman for example.

Today we have a fresh and simplistic look that characterizes our time. The logo is created in the material design style made by Google.