Mission & Vision


MashriQ is an ambitious student association located at The Hague University in The Hague. It excels the students and boosts their student life.

MashriQ was founded to provide students a platform to develop. The members study at HBO institutions and universities. They have the possibility to develop themselves and to contribute to the society. MashriQ does this by developing various innovative initiatives for its members and provide them with a strong network of (former) students, organizations and companies.

MashriQ organizes lectures, courses, iftars, debates, networking receptions, company visits, celebrations and more. The student is placed in contact with the wider world. Together we build bridges between different worlds.

MashriQ focuses primarily on students studying at universities and HBO institutions. The MashriQi are socially relevant, ambitious and love a challenge.



We find it very important to be a vital part of the advancement of the student. We want to make a significant contribution, particularly in our primary target group. Our fellows play a very important role and they are certainly not indispensable. Students should make themselves useful and should be an asset to society.

We believe in a strong, peaceful and loving Netherlands where everyone lives in harmony with each other. Within our association you can find the enabling environment for the student to transfer this broad mindset. With the preservation of cultural identity, we encourage that this is a very good phenomenon to be different. With this formula we want to give the student a versatile, tolerant, innovative, modern and multi-purpose nature.

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