Become part of MashriQ!

Do you want to be part of this fast growing organization?

Become a MashriQi! A MashriQi is socially relevant, innovative, contemporary, ambitious and likes a challenge. MashriQ is the place to excel the student within his or her power and we are looking for you!

As a future student at a college or university a new world is opening for you. From your student days you make choices for life. You will also receive direct advice from us. Maintain a productive and fertile environment, surround yourself with people that have different scents and colors, develop yourself as an individual, build a wide network and of course the most important; always make sure that you have fun in what you do. In short, “Enjoy your student life!”

At MashriQ you can develop yourself in different ways and there are many opportunities. For that you must of course first be a MashriQi and these come in various shapes and sizes. In each of the following cases, you are a MashriQi so that can be both active and passive!


What is a MashriQi?

Board Member: A board member deals with all the strategic, tactical and operational issues concerning the association. Everything that MashriQ organizes is coordinated from the board. What is the result? A priceless amount of rewards in the form of skills and experience that you cannot find anywhere else and more.

Commission Member: A commission member is more concerned with tasks that are operational in nature. Individuals who have become better known with the club and want to be active in student life – usually take place in the committee before they grow into the board. They make meetings, and experience the many opportunities that awaits them.

Active Member: New, sympathizing interested or strong. Active members usually help out at events and are always standby to join the team. They deal with the briefing and are always available to us on the floor. Anyone who wants it but is more than welcome whether you have a lot of time or little – your help always comes to pass it.

Alumni Member: Did you graduate and are closely related to us, a former board member, former committee member, former active member or graduate donor member? Then you automatically become a member of our alumni network. The first generation has built a rich career and they are all fully available for MashriQ. Today they are still active on the Supervisory Board, the various Advisory Boards or one of its committees. We lose no one and benefit from a wealth of experience and exceptional people.

Great! But I am none of the above. And now?.

Each association is there for its members and their face is partly determined by its members. In addition, the membership is the way to stay informed of the activities and latest news. You will be kept informed of all the ins and outs and the most important is that you make sure that together we are one MashriQ community. So you can call yourself a Mashriqi!


How do you join?

General Member: It is very simple, give us your e-mail address. You have then officially joined MashriQ and are kept informed of the activities and the latest news. You can register here:

Board/Commision/Active Member: Are you interested in a position in the board, in one of the commisions or as a active member of MashriQ? Send an email to: